Simple Guideline To Finding the Right Dumbbells for Your Workout Needs

Just like i have mentioned in my previous article on Step By Step Guidelines On How To Choose The Best Adjustable Dumbbells, not every one of the five (5) dumbbells are going to be perfect for everyone, since variety is the spice of life.
The truth is that there are several other types of adjustable dumbbells on the market, and here are reasons why people go for other adjustable dumbbells:

1. Some adjustable dumbbells lighter in weight,
2. Some adjustable dumbbells are faster in speed.

The main aim as a consumer should be to make the best decision possible on which model dumbbell is right for you and then find the best deal on that model possible.

Best Adjustable Weights

Why Do We Need to Get The Best of The Best?

We all are aware that in anything that we purchase, we always want to get the best product, the best cheap or affordable price, etc.
Even if we have a very limited budget, we as humans still want to get the best one that we can get from that amount of money, regardless of the amount.

Although looking for the “best” could be somehow tricky and hard, except you follow up with the techniques which i have been using for the past four years to get the best dumbbell, regardless of the price.
This is because there are some adjustable dumbbells that some people do not consider as their best choice at all which we did not review or mentioned above, just like i said, everyone has his/her own best product or need.
The main reason is because we as human have different preferences and factors which we do put into consideration when we are buying such products.

For Example:
The best Produce for some people could be if it is the cheapest, not even withstanding its features and quality.
While on the other hand, some people would be more particular on the features of the product, not giving second thought to the price tag of the product.

This is to say that the best one for them would be the product that has the right features that they are looking for, and that’s their choice, except you convince them otherwise.

Moreover, aside from the foregoing, the following are just among the many perks of considering the best:

1. You will be able to satisfy what you really wanted, in the first place.
2. You will be able to get the right features and start enjoying it.

The best part is that you can even save more money by buying the best.

Here is an example why i said that:
If your best choice is the one that is the most durable, then that simple means that you do not have to replace it more often. Well, this is because low priced products are commonly associated with low quality too, and that is the simple truth which has been governing the market for centuries now, except a few.

So, if you still chose to buy low price and low quality dumbbells, then it means that those are less durable.
So such a case like this, you might need to replace them every now and then, because it will get broke, the only advantage is that will be having new products (smiles).
However, if you are going to get the most durable one, it will be an investment that is worth it, and which i highly recommend.

A very good advantage of buying Quality Product, is that you can just re-sell the product it if you find a greater one.

This is because best products are still highly re-sellable and marketable, if you are an introvert, you can sell it on ebay!, a win win case!.
You can sell original and quality products even though they have been already used, of course, if the product is already torn and worn out, it would be another issue. in excess, am trying to point out that you can still make money out of it.
It will not just be a trash after several months or years.
Here is the best part of this article, i reserved the last, which could be the best.

adjustable dumbbells for girls

How to Find The Best Adjustable Dumbbells ?

Just like i pointed out above, choosing the best adjustable dumbbells could be very tricky since it is not a universal product.
Some people just do not have the same choice, which just make their choices vary.
Which is to say that, there is no universally applicable answer or product for all persons.
A specific brand could be the best to a person while, at the same time, it is also the worst product for another person somewhere, or even closer to you, like your husband, wife, friend, family member or kid.
Nevertheless, there is a solution for this, which is to create a set of parameter that would help solve this puzzle.

A set of parameter will be composed of different factors that most people usually consider when they are buying or looking for the best adjustable dumbbells. Some of these parameters or factors include the following:

1. Features and specifications

One of the main parameters which you really need to put into consideration is the set of features and specifications of the product that you are eyeing to buy.
These features could be any or all of the following which is listed below:

a. Weight

All of the adjustable dumbbells product have adjustable weights.
Although they may only differ on the range that they can offer, some of these products can only offer up to 25 pounds for every piece of dumbbell, that is, it would be a total of 50 pounds for both hands, or a dumbbells pair.
While some other products or even brands can even offer up to 75 pounds for each hand, that is, it would be a total of 150 pounds for both hands, or dumbbells pair.
Certainly, you should pick the right one, which is just right for what you intend to do, like lossing fats, building up your muscles, etc.

Some people would just like to tone up their muscle. Hence, they do not need those heaviest ones.
This is especially true for women who would just like to curve up their figure for that killer body.

While on the other hand, if you intend to be big and muscular and you think your body can handle such heavy weight, than you would not need those lighter ones, but the ones that would help accomplish your aim. This is specifically true to people who have been working out for quite some time.

You need to understand that, through time, our body adopt to our activities, no matter the difficult you faced when you just started out.
Therefore, if you have been lifting 50 pounds for several months now, your body get used to it. As a matter of fact, you will notice that it may no longer have an effect to your muscles, i was on Yahoo answers one day, when a friend asked why his muscles get sored after each workout, the very next question i asked him is: When did you start your exercise???.

He has not replied me yet, but i just went further to advice him, that this is normal for the early stage.

b. Handle

Did you read through the comparision table above?
then you would know that we specifically point out, how each product handle is, it is one of the feature you need to consider before buying an adjustable dumbbells.
i am so one, who would compare and contrast before buying any product online ore offline. (why i added online, is because 90% of my belongings are purchase online, less i forget, we are in a digital world, 21st century)

there are different types of handles for each products, they could be made from different products like:
1. Pure metal,
2. Alloy,
3. Handle coated with rubber.

Do note that aside from the materials which are being used for the handle, some handles have various designs too.

One of the designs that are becoming more and more popular nowadays is the ergonomic design which most producers are turning to now, since it is the most comfortable.

This is a design that has some curves in order to fit to the palm or hands of the users. which makes it extra simple for you to hold the adjustable dumbbells.

c. Plating

This is about the material composition of the dumbbells. this is to say that, from what kind of materials they are made from.
There are some brands that have mixtures of plastics and metals while some other products have their dumbbells plated with heavy duty chrome steel, it is simple your choice.

d. Composition or packaging (single or pair)

Some product lines only offer a single dumbbell while some other products are in pairs.
Aside from this, there are also some packages that include other equipment and materials that you might need for your workout, which makes it more fun, and to all producers out there reading this highly recommended article, just follow this trend and see your sales sky-rock.
Some of these are the chair, gloves, stands and many more which i LOVE!..

e. Warranty

Some other manufacturers offer different length and coverage of warranty, some warranty are for a year, others give 3 years.
There are some that can offer a lifetime limited warranty while some can only provide one or two years of limited warranty.
In terms of coverage, there could be some differences too. that means, you need to make sure that you have read and understood the warranty coverage first before buying a specific product, it is that important.

2. Industry Rankings

There are some organizations and platforms out there that do provide instant industry ranking based on the qualifications, eligibility or parameters that they have set on their own, however, you should make sure that you are not only looking to the number or rankings, since this is 100% great, but it is a recommended and handy method you need to use before buying an adjustable dumbbells.
This is because you must also read on the bases why a specific product has been ranked in such a way among the best adjustable dumbbells, but be on the lookout if it is a paid ranking, because it is the product that pays the highest is ranked best, this might mislead you.

3. Reading Reviews on Reputable Portals

We have our facebook fanpage where people argue and make several points why a particular adjustable dumbbell product is the best, and it is an interesting read.
But just like the the industry ranking, there are also lots of adjustable dumbbells reviews that you can read over the internet.
These are all useful because these will tell you so many things about the actual use and experience of using the products.
Of course, like the previous one, you also need to be mindful that what you are reading is a genuine review rather than just a paid one.

4. Product Price

This is the last in this series of choosing the best adjustable dumbbell, but not the final one.
Okay, like i have pointed out above, price is a factor that is always extremely important to consider, if it is not the most considered.
This is because of the philosophy that if we cannot afford a certain product, we will not be able to buy it.
one perspective on this issue is about not being nominal about the price.
This is because there are some aspects of a product that might justify why it is not the cheapest, so therefore, it could still be the best budget-saver.

i sincerely hope that you would put this factors to consideration before buying any adjustable dumbbells.
Okay, you’ve got through this lengthy article right?

Then start shopping!.